Friday, 24 February 2012

First gig of 2012 -- The end of the world (no, not 'the world', but a building instead)

We are doing our first gig of this year after a bit of a break over January and February. It is Saturday March 3rd, with our best good friends THE RETRO SPANKEES at a place in Northampton called The Fishmarket. (fbook the deets)

The Fishmarket is an art gallery. It is closing very soon to make way for a wholly unnecessary new bus station. The building itself is a historic part of a very old market town in the heart of England. 'The Fishmarket' as an arts centre is almost definitely the most important arts venue the town has had this millennium. Whilst the organisation that runs the building is being given a great opportunity to go and run another space in town (when this will happen is beyond me) it is impossible to ignore the impact that The Fishmarket has had on the 3 of us. It was through events in that building that we became friends, saw great bands, great comedy, great art and were influenced more than can be stated here. I really hope that we can be involved with the new building in some way. We are incredibly proud of having the opportunity to play one gig at The Fishmarket before the bulldozers come.

(this is a nice slideshow by Phil Sharp)

In other news we will soon be able to give you some details about our first 7" EP. Also, check out the gigs ==>