Monday, 5 December 2011

The (Lovely) Lovely Eggs

So, last Tuesday we played our last gig of 2011 (probably, although we're open to offers - christmas corporate events, school discos that sort of thing) at the Portland arms in Cambridge with two bands...

First up were Violet Woods a local Cambridge band who were tight as an ill fitting pair of new shoes, even though this was only their second gig as the band 'Violet Woods'. Very good.

Then we played our songs and some guy asked Chris if his hair was his real hair... it is.

Then The Lovely Eggs headlined. We had the pleasure of playing with them a couple of months back at an Indiepop weekender in Brighton hosted by the Bobby McGees and they were brilliant.

Here are some of the things what they have made:



and their new single is this one...

So yeah, if you like this kind of thing I would highly recommend the live show: Tons of energy from a charming pair of human beings who write ridiculously catchy pop songs.

2011 has been a fun year.